Prosthetic Services

Springer Prosthetic and Orthotic Services offers a full range of prosthetic services for the pediatric through geriatric patients from custom-fitted partial foot, below knee, above knee, and hip disarticulation prosthesis for the lower extremity patient to the above elbow, below elbow, and myoelectric prosthesis for the upper extremity patient.

The prosthesis can be fit for all activities.

Pre-Operative and Post-Operative Consultations and Education

  • Informational brochures, pamphlets, DVDs and videos.
  • “Hands On” componentry and display items.
  • Support of volunteers (other amputees mentor new amputees).
  • Continuous follow up.
  • Training inservices and product inservices to physical and occupational therapists, and resident staff.
  • Participation in area clinics.
  • Attendance with patients at doctor appointments for evaluations if necessary.

You do such great work and provide me with personal care and attention like nowhere else.

Sue MausHaslett, MI

Joe Springer gave us hope and most of all he would give Joe his life back as much as was possible, through all that he could do and with every resource out there. There is NO ONE that is truly as caring a person as Joe Springer.

Joann RobertsonSomerset, MI

Joe is great with kids. He was patient with Jake's questions and our concerns, and encouraged Jake in his pursuits.

Marsha PerryLansing, MI

Three years ago I became an amputee. I visited with several companies that provided prosthesis to amputees and they didn't have what I was looking for. I met with Joe Springer. He was the nicest and most informative person I met. He was open and honest about everything.

His passion in making prosthetics is amazing. He continues to strive for the best for me as his patient. He takes time out of his day to make me feel like family. I can share my thoughts with him and he can relate to most of them. He wants the best for each and every one of his patients. He goes that extra mile.

His office staff is so kind and professional. They are always checking to see if I need anything before my appointment, whether it 's a glass of water to popcorn or even my favorite "Cream Soda" flavored suckers.

This team is made of the most professional, kind and caring individuals. They have all made my life easily adaptable and I appreciate every single individual there.

Julie Johnson, RNMason, MI